Current State of Reno Breweries


Reno has a great assortment of local breweries each with their own unique offerings.  Six Four Growlers aims to be Northern Nevada’s one stop shop for the great craft beer produced by local breweries. Fill up a growler of a longtime favorite or try something new.  The constantly changing selection makes Six Four Growlers a unique place to experience a variety of local and regional selected beers.


For more than a decade, Northern Nevada breweries have been steadily building reputations and finding their niche. Today there is a great assemblage of breweries in Reno’s backyard brewing up top shelf beer. Some produce staple IPAs while others are delving into the most obscure corners of the beer universe.


Brewing since 1993 Great Basin ( has blazed the trail for others to follow. Propelled by the successes of their Icky IPA, Great Basin has been able to expand their operations as well as their beer offerings. Today they are collaborating with other large craft breweries as well as distilleries to drive Reno’s craft brew scene even further.  Be on the lookout for their 808 Scytale–to be released September 22nd. This barrel aged imperial stout is their third installment of aged beers resting for 808 days in whiskey casks.


Since the beginning, Pigeon Head Brewery ( has bucked trends. In a time where IPAs dominate the craft brew scene, Pigeon Head has dedicated their brewery to producing lagers. From their classic Pilsner, to their Black and Red Rye lagers this brewery is redefining a somewhat abandoned technique. They now offer an IPL as well as their Adversary IPA to please the hopheads who aren’t going back to laid back lagers.


One of Reno’s younger breweries, IMBĪB Custom Brews ( has taken a different approach to providing the city with diverse beer selections. Their production has hit its stride with their sour ales. They also offer a monthly membership program for locals who plan to return regularly.


With one of their ales named Nevadabeer, Under the Rose Brewing ( has been fighting for statewide recognition since day one. They’ve done well to get their beer on shelves in local grocery stores—an impressive feat for a brewery of their size.  Be sure to check out their 3 year anniversary celebration October 1st.


As these breweries continue to grow, people are encouraged to stop by and checkout their operations. Keep in mind however, that it’s unnecessary to drive all over town to find fresh beer. Six Four Growlers always has, and always will, be the place to go for great locally brewed beer on tap.