Growlers Go Green

When people hear the term ‘growler’ the first word they think to associate it with is perhaps not ‘green’. People are probably more likely to think of ‘beer’, or ‘filling station’ or even animal noises rather than ‘green’ or ‘sustainable’.

Nevertheless, the owners of SixFour Growlers, Rich Taylor and Bret Schaeffer, are trying to change those thoughts in their business practice. When returning patrons and new customers hear of SixFour Growlers, Bret and Rich want ‘green business’ and ‘environmentally friendly’ to come to mind.

Green examples: when customers come in for the first time before they’ve had a chance to purchase their own glass refillable growler, they can sip from sample cups that they are encouraged to use as much as possible. This eliminates waste and cuts down on garbage production. Once the customer is satisfied with their beer decision they can choose to fill a new full stainless steel growler (that is not only reusable, but also recyclable) or glass, then they will not receive a printed receipt because every transaction is handled on the IPad. Bret and Rich are doing their part to save trees and all.

The green habits are not just in the front-of-house; they’re also behind the scenes that many people might not realize. For example, the kegs are returnable, the beer hoses are recyclable, and the trash is only emptied once a week (mostly because of what others bring in to throw away). On top of that, SixFour Growlers uses LED lights, Edison lamps, and the TV’s that are there for your viewing pleasure is power saving.

So the next time you are out and thirsty for some local brew, stop into SixFour Growlers. You will be supporting local and doing your part to reduce the carbon footprint in your beer consumption.