SixFour Growlers Goes to Burning Man

This year’s Burning Man festival is no longer around the corner, it’s finally here! Prep time is down to the wire, projects are being finished and plans are being finalized. Your ride situation has been figured out and the last hair wig has been added to your costume box. All that is left is grocery shopping. Obviously water is a necessity, but so is beer! One question remains, what is the best way to carry your beverage(s) of choice and keep it as cold as long as possible?

We all know that drinking warm beer is amateur hour at its finest and Sixfour Growlers has the solution to beat the desert heat… stainless-steel growlers!

What is a growler you ask? A growler is 64 ounces of beer- that’s half a gallon. I repeat, a growler is a container that holds HALF A GALLON OF BEER. Besides the fact a growler holds that much libation, here are some other Playa perks of using growlers:

  1. Growlers are refillable and reusable.
  2. You can fill up bar after bar, all week long, without adding to your carbon footprint. Leave no trace after all!
  3. Growlers protect your beer from excessive sunlight and UV, which breaks down the beer’s integrity. Conditions on the Playa are harsh enough you shouldn’t have to comprise your beer quality as well.
  4. Growlers have caps. Caps make sure none of your beer is spilled when you are biking and hit those dreadful soft spots, but they also make sure your beer stays fresh all day.
  5. One growler fill can last about two days after opening.  Unopened and stored in a cold, dark spot a growler can last up to two weeks!

SixFour Growlers is here to make sure all our Burners have a fantastic 2015 Burn. Stop in before you head out. We are located at 555 S. Virginia Street #105, Reno, NV 89501