We’ve all seen the movie Horrible Bosses. The subject matter resonated so much that a second film was created, to which we all laughed hysterically at the thing we all have in common: horrible bosses. Or maybe it’s not the boss per se; it’s just the work or simply the day-in-day-out monotony, week in and week out.

The old saying is that if you are fortunate enough to find a career you love, you will never work another day in your life. This is exactly what the owners of SixFour Growlers aspired to and the saying is spot on, they love their new careers serving up local brews in their own growler fill station located in the heart of midtown. And while the hours are long the times are good, and they never have to dread Monday or checking in with the boss. Inspiring, isn’t it?

It wasn’t always fun and brews for SixFour Growler owners Bret Schaeffer and Rich Taylor. They used to work in jobs that are impressive-sounding; the kind your mom is proud to brag to her friends about. Taylor was previously a metallurgical engineer which means he studied the physical and chemical behavior of metallic elements and their mixtures for area gold mines, and Schaeffer was a business analyst and database administrator for area companies. While these are incredible careers, they don’t quite sing to your soul the way working in the beer industry might, and nothing beats working for the world’s best boss – yourself.

But why beer? They discovered their dream of owning their own business, when Bret was out drinking and he spotted a 32 oz. growler at a local restaurant. Never seeing a small 32oz growler before, they did some asking around and discovered that this size of bottle is sold at growler fill stations, which are a booming business in the Bend, Oregon area. With Reno the next beer Mecca, Taylor and Schaeffer made a trip to the Bend area where the beer experts were proud to share their knowledge with the up-and-comers. There they learned about Kombucha, the fermented tea they now serve at SixFour Growlers, and how to successfully run a growler-filling station, bringing Reno it’s very first.  And SixFour Growlers was born.

The beer industry can be a fickle one. The popularity of growler-filling depends on what is happening during Reno’s busy event season, but every patron that comes in is treated like a friend and given a solid pour from a variety of area brews, some of which are exclusively provided to SixFour Growlers for distribution. But business is growing and the ultimate goal is to expand into having at least three SixFour Growlers growler-filling stations in the northern Nevada area. Sparks residents rejoice, you might up next!

In business since April of 2015, the guys at SixFour Growlers are working long hours and putting their hearts and souls into making the business a success. Owning your own business isn’t easy, but the guys at SixFour wouldn’t have it any other way. After all, they have the world’s best bosses.

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